How to Talk to Girls - Using Opening Lines

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Published: 17th January 2011
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A lot of guys are looking for the perfect line to use when they approach women. I guess there's a comfort to be had in knowing there's always one thing you know you can say when you want to start a conversation with a girl.

I don't really recommend the use of canned lines, other than maybe "hi". There are a whole bunch of people out there ready to take your money if you're looking for stock openers or funny lines you can use when approaching women. For me the point is to be spontaneous and start talking about something related to your present situation.

The issue with using a canned opening line when you speak to women is that they seldom suit the situation. Opening lines are mostly corny and most women see them as a crutch guys use when they don't know what else to talk about. Of course, if you have the confidence and the mood suits it, sometimes corny chat up lines can work if you deliver them in a cheeky, tongue in cheek way.

The thing to remember if you do insist on using a chat up line when you talk to women is that it needs to be consistent with how you are as a person. You could have the funniest openers in the world, but if you sidle over like you don't deserve to be approaching girls in the first place then you'll fail miserably. However you start your conversation, you'll need to deliver it confidently, which kind of brings me back to the opening paragraph of this post. Confidence really comes from knowing you can handle the situation you're going into, which is why a lot of guys like to have standard lines to use when they talk to women.

Now that's fine for breaking the ice, but where most men fall down is when the conversation inevitably moves away from their opening line into unknown territory. Because up until that point, they've had an idea of what to say, and suddenly the ladder is kicked out from under them, all the bluff and bravado falls away and the poor girl gets to watch another loser run off with his tail between his legs.

You need to start your conversations with girls knowing you can handle any direction it may take. And one of the best ways you can get up to speed is by not focusing on really hot women for a while. Just make a point every day of talking to girls you think are pretty ordinary, about average stuff. That way you won't feel overwhelmed and over time you'll begin to feel more comfortable and ready to move up the scale a little.

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